The Board

We believe that every child deserves an education … so help us to make this dream a reality for children in Zimbabwe!

Sipho Gumbo


Sipho Gumbo was born in Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe. She is the Founder and co-Chair of Munhu. As the Chief Executive Officer from 2004 to 2014, Sipho oversaw the day-to-day management of Munhu, including setting and implementing strategic goals, organizing fundraising activities, recruiting donors and volunteers, and disbursing funds to schools. Under her leadership over the last

Martha Mutomba


Martha Mutomba has been a volunteer for Munhu since 2008. She joined Munhu after meeting and talking with Sipho Gumbo, Munhu’s founder. Martha was inspired by Munhu’s simple model of helping one child at a time,  it’s pledge for using 100% of donations to helping those in need, and it’s positive impact on the lives of orphaned children

Belinda Fernandes


Belinda Fernandes was born in Harare, Zimbabwe.  She serves as the Associate Director for Munhu. She has been part of Munhu since 2006. Belinda was very instrumental in the transitioning period of the organization. She helped Munhu settle in Dallas, Texas after the move from New York. She has been a board member and a

Sungmi Um


Sungmi Um has been with Munhu since 2010. She always had a passion for working in non-profit organizations to affect positive change.  She joined Munhu after learning about the plight of orphans in Zimbabwe from Martha Mutomba. Sungmi’s major contributions were recruiting volunteers and working with them to update Munhu’s website in 2010, and she

Tapiwa Machakayire


Chipo Mkandla

Chipo Nkandla

Devansh Ranchod

Devansh Ranchod

Devansh Ranchod was raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. He currently serves as the Development Officer for Munhu. Devansh attended junior school and high school at St John’s College in Harare. He came to Dallas, Texas to complete university where he majored in Finance and Real Estate at the University of North Texas. Devansh has always had