Why I Volunteer …

We believe that every child deserves an education … so help us to make this dream a reality for children in Zimbabwe!

Chipo Nkandla, US

“Nature vs Nurture – The debate continues…. Are you born to be good at certain things or can you be taught to be good at anything? Growing up – my parents volunteered in multiple ways around children, women, education and culture. Now I volunteer with my daughter Thandi. I’d say nurture is a big influence!

I remember hearing that we are God’s hands and feet, that God works through us. Someone may be praying about something. As I work, God has enabled me to help provide school fees, plant vegetable gardens at primary schools, buy building materials for classrooms and seed money for community projects…that is a prayer being answered – I think that’s amazing!”

From Munhu: Thank you Chipo for all your great work and leadership as the Communications Officer at Munhu.



Devansh Ranchod, US

“Giving back to the community is something I have always wanted to do growing up. There is nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference for those less fortunate, providing them a light they couldn’t see before––a chance to follow their dreams.”

From Munhu: Thank you Dev for your leadership as the Development Officer at Munhu



Martin Chivandarikwa, Zimbabwe

“I really appreciate the experience I’m gaining by volunteering with Munhu. Since joining Munhu, my awareness of the need to give back to others and to society has increased. And I have received many unexpected benefits, including meeting new friends and gaining new skills as I network with knowledgeable peers. What I love the most is meeting and interacting with the students and villagers, and hearing, first hand, the stories of how their lives have changed for the better because of the help they get from Munhu. I find this very inspiring and it encourages me to want to do more for others.”

From Munhu: Thank you Martin! We appreciate the time and energy you give to Munhu and for your efforts in helping those in need.



Dikran Toroser, US

“I am inspired by the incredible challenges fellow parents, brothers, and sisters overcome on a daily basis in the developing world. To try to help in some sort of small way is satisfying, to say the least…to do it through people who know the real needs and are aware of cultural sensitivities seems a more intelligent and sensible way…”

From Munhu: Thank you Dikran for caring. Per your wishes, the grant money donated by your employer to match your volunteer hours was sent to our Munhu coordinators to use in meeting a critical need for the children we support. The coordinators used the grant to buy uniforms and shoes for 25 students in the Murambinda area of Zimbabwe, as some of the children were coming to school in torn clothes and with no shoes on their feet.



Busi Msimanga, Zimbabwe

“Voluntary work is a calling to me. I see a need, I am moved to do something about it. I get satisfaction in seeing the bright faces, the smiles, the feeling of being wanted from those I would have gone to help.”

From Munhu: Thank you Busi for caring and for taking action to help others.



Abel Mhuruyengwe, Zimbabwe

“Faith and hope in Munhu and love of my community made me to do voluntary work for this project. Faith without actions is dead so I have dedicated myself to co-ordinating micro-finance projects and education of the less privileged in the community hoping to improve living conditions for people in my community. People need people!”

From Munhu: Thank you Abel for caring and for taking action to help others.



Mercy Mutungira, Zimbabwe

“Volunteering is an opportunity to help the less privileged reach their full potential. Not all of us can afford to do certain things even things we think are ordinary like paying school fees yet they have potential to succeed. By assisting that person, potential is unlocked and dreams are realized.

Giving expecting nothing in return gives a sense of fulfillment. The saying, “When you educate an individual you have educated a community and a nation at large” is very true. With educated individuals in the community, there is peace and people relate well and live for a common cause because they understand each other. When there is a problem it’s tackled by many not just one individual and this reduces the burden.

God has blessed us to bless others, we can only do that if we volunteer and give our time and resources for the benefit of others. I am grateful for the opportunity and hope my efforts have impacted someone positively.”

From Munhu: Thank you Mercy for caring and for taking action to help others.