Munhu takes a comprehensive approach to helping orphaned children: we are not only supporting their education and their life as heads of household, but we also try to improve the life of the communities in which these children live.

educating orphans

5-Sogwala kids

Primary and secondary schools opened on Tuesday, January 13 in Zimbabwe. Among the students who started classes were Munhu’s 588 primary school students and 170 secondary school students. We thank the many donors who are contributing to the education of one or more of our students. It is your support that enables us to keep

Child-Headed Households

Child Headed Households s

Munhu assists children who are heads of households.  In some instances, when parents die, there is no one to take care of the children left behind. The children are left to face life on their own. The older children, out of neccessity, find themselves heads of households; they need to provide for their younger siblings. We share some

Community Grants


  Most of our orphaned children live with caregivers: a relative, a neighbor or a community well-wisher. As a way of earning income, the caregivers are willing to start small income generating projects so that they can support their families and the orphans left in their care, and not depend on donations. Munhu provides community grants that are used as seed money for

school supplies drive


  Students supported by Munhu face many challenges, including lack of tuition, school uniforms, clothes, and food. An additional challenge that our students face is lack of school supplies and text books. It doesn’t help to have a student in class if they can’t participate. It is because of this need that Munhu started a