Community Grants

Munhu takes a comprehensive approach to helping orphaned children: we are not only supporting their education and their life as heads of household, but we also try to improve the life of the communities in which these children live.


Most of our orphaned children live with caregivers: a relative, a neighbor or a community well-wisher. As a way of earning income, the caregivers are willing to start small income generating projects so that they can support their families and the orphans left in their care, and not depend on donations. Munhu provides community grants that are used as seed money for villagers to start the income generating projects.

girls in red, kids in blueVillagers have started projects including raising and selling chickens, goats and rabbits; running grocery stores; making wire; sewing school uniforms; cross border trading, or other profitable ventures. The repaid seed money is used to initiate new income generating projects within the communities. Our community grant program provides a viable opportunity for entrepreneurial, creative and hardworking villagers to become self-sufficient and to work their way out of poverty. Additionally, the villagers can support the orphans left in their care.

To date, we have supported 62 groups that have successfully launched income generating projects. Of these, 3 are based at primary schools and are run by teachers and students at those schools. The rest of the projects are run by  groups of 2 to 5 heads of households who join forces for the purpose of starting an income generating project. The seed money for each projects range from $200 to $1500/group, depending on the number of group members and the type of project. Recipients of the funds are required to pay back the seed money in full within 2 to 3 years of receiving funds. To date:

  • 62 groups have received community grants to start income generating projects
    • 22 groups were funded with $24,920 donated to the community grant program to date
      • $15,347 of this money has been repaid and used to fund new groups
      • The repaid money has been recycled several times to fund new groups
    • 40 groups have been funded with the recycled money, which to date amounts to $23,800
    • 23 groups have paid off their grants in full and 39 groups continue to pay in installments
    • 3 of these projects are based at schools


The total of $24,920 in donations allocated to the Munhu Community Grant Program has had an economic benefit equivalent to $48,720; that is, $24,920 initial amount in donations + $23,800 repaid and recycled funds = $48,720!


chicken projectThe success of the initial projects that we funded has generated a tremendous demand for seed money and we have many groups waiting for funding. With your help, we can fund more projects; giving hope to more villagers, who can take care of our children. What these villagers need is a helping hand, a place to start.

10 projects are waiting for funding; ~$5,000 is required to fund these new projects

Your donation can be a leg-up the first rung of the ladder to changing the lives of these villagers and the children they support. Your gift may give them a means to afford basic necessities of life, like food and shelter. Beyond that, your gift can be their opportunity to work towards becoming independent and self-sufficient, to gain economic empowerment.

Thank you!!

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