school supplies drive

Munhu takes a comprehensive approach to helping orphaned children: we are not only supporting their education and their life as heads of household, but we also try to improve the life of the communities in which these children live.


Students supported by Munhu face many challenges, including lack of tuition, school uniforms, clothes, and food. An additional challenge that our students face is lack of school supplies and text books. It doesn’t help to have a student in class if they can’t participate.

It is because of this need that Munhu started a school supply drive for our students. We have partnered with Johnson Elementary, Walnut Grove Elementary, and Altrusa DFW in Texas in collecting school supplies. Johnson Elementary has been participating in the school supply drive for the last 3 years. Other schools plan to participate starting in 2013. We have collected supplies such as crayons, exercise books, pens, and pencils.

We have also collected books that have been used to start libraries in rural schools, as shown in the video below. We need help to cover costs for shipping the collected supplies to our schools. Please consider being part of this program by helping us ship these supplies to our students.