Below are some of the students we have helped along the way

Below is a video of a poem Munhu students made to thank the various people who have helped them by donating both money and goods.

Munhu supports over 1200 students who would otherwise not receive an education that has the potential to change their lives for the better. Some of these students are orphans left in the care of poor relatives who cannot support themselves or their own families, let alone support their wards. Other students come from poor families

featured student

notable students



Mandi is now studying for a 4-year Bachelor of Education Honors Degree at Great Zimbabwe University, thanks to the generous and ongoing gift from Holly Tomlin of Holly Tomlin Photography in New York City! Thanks to Holly Tomlin for supporting Mandi’s education as he pursues a 4-year Bachelor of Education Honors Degree at Great Zimbabwe University.


Debra joined the Munhu family in January 2015. She comes from a poor family. Her parents struggled to pay tuition for her to complete high school. She passed her Advanced Level Examinations with good grades: B in Bible Studies, C in History, and C in Geography. Debra was recommended to Munhu by her high school teachers


Faith wrote O’Level exams in 2015 and passed 10 of the 11 subjects she wrote: Integrated Science (A), Geography (A), History (A), Mathematics (B), Physics (B), Shona (B), Fashion and Fabrics (B), Biology (C), Accounts (C), and English (C). The only subject she found challenging was Chemistry, in which she had a grade D. We


Mercy Mutungira

Tapiwanashe was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Zimbabwe on Friday, October 2, 2015. Tapiwanashe sent her appreciation by saying,“Thank you Munhu and my special sponsor for making my dream a reality. My passion is to help others like what you did for me. My zeal is to further my studies


  Edson graduated in 2016 with a BA Degree from the University of Zimbabwe. We thank Holly Tomlin of Holly Tomlin Photography who helped Edson by paying his tuition over the 3 years of his study at the university. We wish Edson all the best and continued success as he pursues the next steps in his


Nkosilathi graduated in 2012 with a BA Honors Degree in Language and Communication from Lupane University. Nkosilathi send his appreciation to Munhu by saying, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Munhu Friends of Orphans for the financial assistance they handed down to me. God bless” Congratulations Nkosilathi! Makorokoto Nkosilathi (Shona)! Amphlope Nkosilathi (Ndebele)!

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