Below are some of the students we have helped along the way

Below is a video of a poem Munhu students made to thank the various people who have helped them by donating both money and goods.


mtho-s-graduation-picture-2Mthokozisi graduated in 2013 with a BA Honors Degree in Language and Communication from Lupane University.

Mthokozisi sent his appreciation to Munhu by saying the following:

“My dream is to develop as a communication specialist and also excel as an academic. I owe all this to your selfless deeds and your commitment to empowering the disadvantaged in the communities. The experiences I have gone through have also made me resolve that I will make it my primary objective to also help the disadvantaged in the same way which I was assisted by you guys. May the living God almighty bless you abundantly as you work towards enlightening the world by helping educate the vulnerable members of the society.” Mthokozisi

Congratulations Mthokozisi! Makorokoto Mthokozisi (Shona)! Amphlope Mthokozisi (Ndebele)!