Afrikansa Kiriyo Group

The Community Grant Program

Munhu takes a comprehensive approach to helping orphaned children: we are not only supporting their education and their life as heads of household, but we also try to improve the living conditions in the communities in which these children live.

Below are some of the goals of the program:

  • To provide capital for villagers in poor communities
  • To establish sustainable income to villagers taking care of orphans
  • To assist villagers to move from poverty and dependency to self-reliance and independence

Projects Funded

Afrikansa Kiriyo Group

Members of Afrikansa Kiriyo received $500 from the community grant program and established a business buying and selling dried kapenta fish. The group has paid back  the $500.

Afrikansa Kiriyo members formed their group in 2011 and received $500 to start their business. The members travel to Kariba Dam in the northern part of Zimbabwe to buy dried kapenta fish for resale to local grocery stores and to villagers. Dried kapenta fish—locally known as “matemba” —is a cheap and convenient protein source that does not require refrigeration, making it ideal for rural communities. Kapenta is eaten as an accompaniment to the local sadza staple. For most families, kapenta is a delicacy and a welcome variety in their diet. Business picked up very quickly for Afrikansa Kiriyo because of the high demand for kapenta and the members look to expand their market to include customers in local towns.