Amajongosi Yimali Pen-Feeding

The Community Grant Program

Munhu takes a comprehensive approach to helping orphaned children: we are not only supporting their education and their life as heads of household, but we also try to improve the living conditions in the communities in which these children live.

Below are some of the goals of the program:

  • To provide capital for villagers in poor communities
  • To establish sustainable income to villagers taking care of orphans
  • To assist villagers to move from poverty and dependency to self-reliance and independence

Projects Funded

Amajongosi Yimali Pen-Feeding

The members of Sizo Zimbabwe Trust received a grant of $1,500 from Munhu in January, 2016 to fund their Amajongosi Yimali (Steers for Money) project. $1000 of that was money that had been paid back from another project funded by Munhu and $500 was a gift from donors. The members had initially planned to buy 5 steers at $300 each and to start a 3-month pen-feeding program to fatten the steers for market, with an anticipated market price of $600 for each of the beasts.  However, some areas around Bulawayo were hit by “foot and mouth” disease, which affected cattle sales. As a result, Sizo suspended the pen-feeding project and came up with a different business model of raising heifers for sale. They bought 5 heifers at $300 each, and they are grazing the heifers to mature into cows that will be sold to cattle breeders. The cows can be sold at any stage after about 1 to 2 years of feeding, with each cow fetching between $600 and $800.

In the future, when economic conditions improve, Sizo plans to incorporate the pen-feeding program into their business model, to expand and diversify operations. But for now, the “Steers for Sale” project is a “Cows for Sale” project, all for a good cause.


Munhu funded this project because Sizo Zimbabwe raises money to pay schools fees for disadvantaged children in communities in the Matebeland Province of Zimbabwe, a goal that is well aligned with Munhu’s education program. Sizo Zimbabwe also runs a number of other excellent programs including sponsoring students to rewrite O’Level Maths and English so they qualify to attend college, running school-based motivational programs to encourage academic excellence, and assisting rural-based teachers with soft loans to pursue degree courses to enhance their qualifications. In addition, two members of Sizo Zimbabwe Pastor and Mrs Msimango are Munhu coordinators who volunteer their time to work on various tasks including: identifying students who qualify to receive assistance from Munhu, paying school fees for the students, buying school uniforms and supplies for the students, collecting receipts and returning them to Munhu, and providing reports on students’ progress. The Pastor and Mrs Msimanga are part of the army of Munhu’s coordinators who ensure that your gifts that you give to Munhu reach the intended students and villagers in the impoverished rural areas of Zimbabwe.

We wish Sizo Zimbabwe success in their Amajongosi Yimali project because that will mean more students in rural areas of Zimbabwe will receive support and get an opportunity to pursue their educational goals. And we thank you, our donors and supporters, for continuing to give your gifts that we at Munhu pass along to those who need help the most.

Keep it up! Zvirambe zvakadaro (Shona)! Akuhlale kunjalo (Ndebele)!