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Our Team



Sipho Gumbo, the Founder of Munhu Inc, was born and raised in Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe. Sipho grew up in a family where helping others was a family value, and she has several adopted siblings. She lost her parents when she was a teenager, and her passion for helping orphaned children stems from her understanding of the effects of losing one’s parents at a young age.

Sipho attended rural schools like most of the students supported by Munhu. In her case, she was fortunate to have older siblings who helped with her education, and she strongly believes that an education can change anyone’s life. It is this belief that led her to found Munhu in 2004, starting by offering financial support for the education of 15 orphans in primary school. Under her leadership, Munhu has grown and expanded to supporting over 3000 students over the past 10 years, with some of its students completing university degrees. Sipho’s efforts have also led to a significant increase of the number of donors, volunteers, supporters, and partnerships instrumental in the success of its programs. Among these is the partnership with the First United Methodist of Richardson, an organization that has been supporting 250 of Munhu’s students.

Sipho has seen her vision of helping one child at a time come to life and it is her hope that the opportunity that the Munhu students are receiving will forever change their lives for the better. She has also assembled a team of volunteers who share her value of helping others. Munhu is run by an all-volunteer staff, with all administrative costs paid from the minimum $500-annual fee each board member is required to contribute. As a result, 100% of all proceeds from donations and grants go to helping the intended beneficiaries.

The Board


Sipho Gumbo is the Founder and co-Chair of Munhu. As the Chief Executive Officer from 2004 to 2014, Sipho oversaw the day-to-day management of Munhu, including setting and implementing strategic goals, organizing fundraising activities, recruiting donors and volunteers, and disbursing funds to schools. Under her leadership over the last ten years, Munhu grew from supporting the education of 15 students at its inception to supporting over 3000 students to date, with approximately 1000 students/year enrolled in the education support program. Sipho also spear-headed the efforts in establishing libraries and repairing classrooms at the rural schools attended by our students.

Sipho continues to be involved in the day-to-day activities of Munhu, focusing on fundraising activities; increasing the number of donors, volunteers, and supporters; and forming strategic partnerships to further the programmatic activities of the organization.

Sipho graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She pursued her studies at Baldwin Wallace College in Cleveland, Ohio where she graduated with an MBA in International Business. She also holds a graduate certificate in healthcare administration from Cleveland State University.

She is active in her community, and she was a member of CLASS (Carroll Leadership Academy for Students Success) for the Southlake Carroll Independent School District in Texas in 2011. She is a member of ALTRUSA DFW where she serves as VP for Service. She enjoys, reading, cooking, crafts, gardening, knitting, working out, and running her businesses Fika Travel Tours and Yangu Beauty.

Executive Officer and Chair of the Board

Martha Mutomba has been a volunteer for Munhu since 2008. She joined Munhu after she was inspired by Munhu’s simple model of helping one child at a time.

Martha is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Munhu, including development and implementation of strategic goals, objectives, and plans to meet the foundation’s mission.

She passionately believes in the ancient philosophy of teaching others to fish so they can feed themselves for a lifetime, in contrast to giving them fish to eat for only one day.

Martha initiated Munhu’s community grant program that provides seed money to poor families taking care of orphans. The seed money is used to start income generating projects, such as raising chickens, pigs and rabbits for sale. Starting in 2010 with one project helping four families, Munhu’s community grant program has expanded to a total of 62 projects. Of these, 59 projects support about 130 families and 3 projects are based at schools–run by students and teachers of those schools. Profits generated from these projects benefit orphans living in the communities.

Martha benefited from grants and scholarship programs that allowed her to earn a BSc Honors in Biochemistry from the University of Zimbabwe and a PhD in Biochemistry from Cambridge University, UK. She has worked in academic institutions, including the University of California, San Francisco and The Scripps Research Institute; and for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies including Cengent Therapeutics, Kendle International, Valeant, and Amgen.

Martha is the founder and Chair of the Board of Chengetai Trust, a Zimbabwe-registered charitable organization that assists villagers living in the Murambinda rural areas of Zimbabwe. She currently dedicates her time to volunteering activities with Munhu, Chengetai Trust, and other organizations. She enjoys gardening, reading, and writing.

Assistant Development Director

Belinda Fernandes was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. She serves as the Associate Director for Munhu. She has been part of Munhu since 2006. Belinda was very instrumental in the transitioning period of the organization. She helped Munhu settle in Dallas, Texas after the move from New York. She has been a board member and a fundraising coordinator for Munhu.

In 2011 Belinda and her family travelled to visit with Munhu students in Zimbabwe. They distributed school uniforms, school supplies and other donations. She is involved in the day-to-day running of the organization. She is married and has two children. Belinda spends time actively helping in other charitable organizations, she loves travelling, crafts and working out.


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Development Director

Devansh Ranchod was raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. He currently serves as the Development Director for Munhu. Devansh attended junior school and high school at St John’s College in Harare. He came to Dallas, Texas to complete university where he majored in Finance and Real Estate at the University of North Texas.

Devansh has always had a passion for charity. Giving back was something his parents have always had a passion for. He hopes in the years to come to help build Munhu’s volunteer base, donation amounts, and presence in the United States, so that Munhu can positively impact the lives of as many orphaned children as possible.

Liaison Director

Motivated risk management professional with 20 years of a proven track record in personal leadership, team management, enterprise risk management, audit, finance, business analysis, program management, project management and cross-group collaboration. Passionate about solving business problems. Takes pride in working with others to reach common business goals.

Communications Director

Chipo Mkandla is involved with My African Heritage, a platform dedicated to African culture. She grew up in Zimbabwe and currently based in the United States. Her work includes Lean Six Sigma process improvement in the Utility industry as well as coordinating African Diaspora activities. Chipo has a particular interest in art and culture, especially the preservation of intangible heritage.

Events Director

Linda is a dedicated, highly-motivated professional with over 6 years’ experience in coordination and planning of large and small events. Solid track record of setting-up and executing events and functions within assigned budget. Track record in managing dozens of successful events. Demonstrated ability to negotiate and secure contracts. Detailed oriented with strong work ethic, problem-solving, communication, interpersonal skills and teamwork.